Movie Monday: Star Trek

11 05 2009

Welcome to the Saturday Review, where each week I plan to review a movie, video game, anime, or other media I am taking in or have just finished watching.

This week, I’m talking about the summer blockbuster “Star Trek.”

Now, I’m not exactly what you’d call a ‘trekkie’ by any means. However, I do know the basics, having seen many episodes of the original series as well as Next Generation, as well as some Voyager, Deep Space Nine and even Enterprise, unfortunately. I know that Kirk cheated to pass the Kobayashi Maru and that Q is pretty awesome.

So, armed with minor trek knowledge in tow, I went to a preview showing of Star Trek Wednesday night, mostly to see one of my favorite actors, Simon Pegg. I wasn’t expecting much, having seen every Trek movie and knowing of the odd number curse, but I was pleasantly surprised!

That being said, there are spoilers for the movie ahead. If you want to skip them, just skip the green paragraphs.

Each of the characters were well cast, adequately portrayed, each given an adequate ammount of screentime, with the exception of Kirk and Spock, of course, who recieved more for obvious reasons.

The film really fed my inner geek as well, because it made many classic Trek referances in the dialogue, kept the classic effects, and even explained in adequate detail exactly how the timeline had been disrupted by the Romulans. Usually, fans have to bicker about that sort of stuff on message boards and it errupts into a full scale internet war, so thanks for quelling that.

That being said, I still liked a couple of the old movies better, like Wrath of Kahn and, despite popular opinion, my favorite is still The Final Frontier. What does God need with a spaceship? What does he need with followers? In fact, what does he need with the universe he made? HUH? He’s God, give him what he wants.

…Unless he’s a malevolent space anti-deity. Then you fire torpedoes.

However, as good as I felt the movie was, it had its minute problems. I did have a couple of gripes about the movie. Sulu, despite saying outright that he was trained in fencing, fought with a collapsable katana. Those who know fencing will also know that a curved blade like that is not exactly what fencing uses. In the end, the Asian guy uses an Asian weapon. I’m just glad it stopped there, and not with Sulu asking Kirk if he wated to know today’s special or offering him some fried rice.

Also, the Romulans suddenly have face tattoos. I would normally be opposed to such a huge, needless racial change, but they always did look too much like Vulcans to me. Maybe just because I’m not a huge Trekkie. Meh.

Speaking of the Romulans, the villains could have easily been more developed, and I hope that they are, if and when a Director’s Cut version surfaces. It’s Abrams, so I have no doubt it’ll show up, right along with the episode of Lost where the chick from Alias shows up to help the smoke monster fight of the thing from Cloverfield and are discovered by the detectives from Fringe.

This leads us to Fringe, the J.J. Abrams show about detectives working on cases revolving around fringe science (I.E. spontanious cumbustion, telpathy, etc.).

Those who know and love the show and/or Trek probably already know this, but in the episode ‘The Road Not Taken,’ which aired May 4, a man claims to be Spock and continues to outline the entire plot of the new movie.

Enjoy. The Trek talk begins just after 4 minutes 30 seconds.

All in all, I loved the new movie. I’m giving it a 10 for staying true to the original in terms of characters and style, having the courage to deviate and properly explain themselves, the nerdy, cheesy lines my inner geek loved so much, the good plot and action-packed pacing. Another win in the Abrams column.

10 / 10

Until next time, live long and prosper. -GG




2 responses

9 05 2009

I pretty much agree with most of your review. The movie was AWESOME! As for the face tattoos, they were miners. I’d be surprised if they DIDN’T have tattoos.

9 05 2009

Dude, I knew nothing about Star Trek before seeing this movie. In fact, it didn’t hit me until the movie was over that this version had nothing to do with Picard. I thought Bone’s was supposed to be a younger version of the guy with the beard in Next Generation. My only question throughout the movie was where the hell was Data?

So, knowing nothing, helped me to go in with no preconceived ideas. I had no expectations. I went in fresh, and loved it. This felt like a gateway drug into the trek universe. I feel compelled to visit the original trek and then hit up next generation.

One of my favorite lines from the movie was when Pike was talking about Kirk’s father. “Your father was captain of his fleet for 12 minutes and saved 800 lives. I challenge you to do better.”

I thought Zach did a fantastic job. I never thought of him as Sylar in this movie which is a hard character to shake off.

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