Glitch of the Week – Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2 Plus

18 05 2009
Pictured: better than whatever YOURE playing... well, it WAS, like... a decade ago.

Pictured: better than whatever YOU'RE playing... well, it WAS, like... a decade ago.

Ok, props to Tom for showing me this mess. Simply amazing.

With THAT little tidbit out of the way, lemme type towards your face-holes for a minute about gaming goodness. The game is called Phantasy Star Online, and it’s quite possibly one of my favorite games of all time. The game offered 12 classes to choose from, 20 costumes each, and more awesome weapons than you can shake a stick at.

Why is that so cool? It was a very early console MMO that was ported several times and retains it’s devoted fan base to this very day, despite a CRAPPY overworld. Play it. If you don’t like it, then you can show yourself the door, because you’ve failed.

Anyway, at the bank, you can stack up to ten consumable items, such as Monomates (health restoring potions) in a single item slot. Very few items can be stacked higher than this. To my knowledge, only two exist in the current offline game: Photon Drops and Photon Speres.

What do those two items do? Not important here. If you’re desperate to know, just google search it or play the dang game, you lazy hack.

Now, Drops and Spheres can be stacked rediculously. You can store up to 99 in a single item slot. However, you only need one.

Now, once you have a single Photon Drop (or sphere, whatever) just deposit it in the bank. Then deposit 10 of any other consumable item, like the previously mentioned Monomate.

Next, go to withdraw an item. Select the consumable, and a menu will appear asking how many of the item you wish to withdraw. Select the full 10. The game will then ask if you are sure. Say NO to the freakish blonde-haired woman. THEN, go back into your bank account, as if to withdraw an item. Select the single Photon Drop and say Yes this time.

You now have ten Photon Drops in your invetory, and one still in the bank. Repeat until you have 98 in your invetory, and then deposit them all.

Once the Drops are deposited, deposit a single consumable, like a Trifluid (recovers all of a player’s TP, which is used to cast spells). Go to withdraw the 99 Drops, like you did the Monomates before, and say NO again. Then select the single consumable (Trifluid) and say YES.

You now have 99 Trifluids. Which is impossible. Awesome.

This is AWESOME, because it means practically infinite HP/TP/WHATEVER YOU NEED, as well as near-infinite items to feed your Mag, which can significantly improve any character.

However, on the down side, it apparently means you’ll NEVER FIND RARE ITEMS WHILE YOU’RE HOLDING ALL THOSE ITEMS. So think about it before you go breaking the game.

Until next time, fellow Hunters. -GG




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