Glitch of the Week: Gears of War 1 & 2

1 06 2009

Ok, I’ve been slacking. I just haven’t been on my ball this week, trying to pay the bills and get things together in my life.

In penance, I’m also giving you guys a double feature for my Glitch of the Week. Here we go, with my favorite shooter series, Gears of War.

Pictured: Awesome incarnate.

Pictured: Awesome incarnate.

In the first  GOW, I have two simple glitches to report. But let me start by saying all of my glitches were encountered by playing split screen with a friend of mine. That being said…

1.) At one checkpoint, the players start on different levels of a building and soon emerge into a street where they are expected to give each other covering fire. I know, it sounds generic, because this game is FULL of these scenarios.

For those of you who REALLY care, it’s in Act 2, screenshots here.

Now, I was scouting for Cog Tags and seeking to gather as much ammo as possible, and after our skirmish, I turned and headed back down my path, intending to comb the area for missed loot.

However, I instead reached a door that was SUPPOSED to be closed. Instead, the door was simply GONE, and I could see the interior of the room, no floor or walls, and fiery hell for a background, perfectly still behind the scenery.

2.) My second glitch took place at the very end, fighting General Raam. There, just as my Torque Bow put the final nail (er, or, explosive arrow / dart thing) in his coffin, the cut scene kicked in.

Having already beaten the game once, I was prepared to watch Raam fall down, defeated, and watch the marvelous ending. However, apparently while the boom of the Bow was in progress, Raam’s Krill were tearing me to heck and back.

The result? The cutscene played twice. It played once, on the top of the screen, and once, on the bottom half. Weird.

Lastly, I’m playing through Gears of War 2 now. Last to the party, I know.

While we were heading towards the palace in the Nexus halfway through the game, my partner was bravely mowing through enemies with a Grinder (minigun) he was lugging around. Me? I was using one of MY favorite combos: the Boom Shield and Gorgon Pistol.

However, soon, our trolley began to give way, forcing us to abandon it for another trolley that was passing. Then we came to a bitter realization. My partner had to ditch his Grinder to hop over, and for some reason, I had to drop my Boom Shield, ruining my combo.

Enraged, on we went, and I decided to use a standby weapon, my flamethrower. I continued to fire, and soon our craft docked. We then came to another discovery: I was floating. About two feet off the ground, Dom was floating and unable to walk unless ducking into new cover.

I ended up having to wait while my partner ran on to trigger a cut scene which teleported my character to the next level. Sigh.

Well, there you have it. Until next time, gamers, enjoy E3! -GG




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