Pic of the Day: E3 Theme Edition!

3 06 2009

Sorry, late / early post, for a three pack of the pick of the day, cause I’m too busy licking my television awaiting all the new toys announced at E3!

Gunna be a good year for Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo better step it up already!

Also, as an E3 special, I’m writing a short synopsis of the three pics, as a bonus, cause I like ya.

Pictured: Another of Desmonds ancestors.

Pictured: Another of Desmond's ancestors.

Assassin’s Creed II –

For those of you who didn’t play Assassin’s Creed and are still planning to, avoid the green, it’s spoiler lava.

In AC, you play Desmond, a man kidnapped by a phamecutical corperation and forced to relive the memories of his ancestor, Altair, which are imbedded in his DNA. You kill a bunch of people, and in the end, Desmond begins to retain Altair’s abilities, but remains captured by the corperation, who turn out to be Templars of the modern world, and enemies of the Assassin’s guild.

In the second game / prequel, on the DS, you find out why Altair was such a jerk. He lost a girl he had fallen for to the Templars just before the game starts, and wants to save her.

HOWEVER, the new game, AC II, is centered around a new ancestor, aparently ignoring Altair entirely, leaving his story unfinished!

I’ll still play it, because the first one was fun, even if the ending was really terribly written.

Pictured: Master Chief. If you beleived that, you may want to consider driving off a cliff.

Pictured: Master Chief. If you beleived that, you may want to consider driving off a cliff.

Metroid: Other M –

Metroid is a simply amazing series, and even though I preferred the 2-D side scrolling version more than the Prime series, this one made me cock an eyebrow.

The game promises, from the preview, to talk about Samus Aran’s childhood and sports a promising looking story, as opposed to the usual plot, which consists of the following: crash, loose weapons from previous games, explore, gain weapons, explore, gain weapons, fight Ridley, explore, gain weapons, fight Meta Ridley, bash some metroids and/or dark Samus, possibly blow up a planet.

… that being said, those games were fun as heck and I would play that rehashed plot a billion times.

Pictured: Cutest ugly evil monster best friend ever.

Pictured: Cutest ugly evil monster best friend ever.

Project Trico –

Remember Ico? …no? Whaddaya MEAN NO?! I will hurt you. I will find you and punch your children.

Go play it. NOW.

…done? See, it only took 7 hours or so.

Remember Shadow of the Collossus? COURSE you do. (Note, if you didn’t, I don’t know you.)

Well, this is the third game in that line, and it looks that you will fight knights, ride a giant monster, solve puzzles, feed the beast barrels, and a whole host of other astoundingly unique looking things. If you watch the trailer and are saying ‘Meh, no big deal,’ then please punch yourself in the groin until you pass out.


Until next time, Saving… please don’t remove your memory card or turn off your console… -GG




2 responses

5 06 2009

Shit yeah! Metroid: Other M is going to be the shit! Not sure about AC2 since I never played the first one. I played some of Shadow’s of the Colossus and liked it, so Project Trico should be pretty cool.

Other M is the only thing I’m really hype about though 😀

10 06 2009

I completely agree with you on Metroid. Unfortunately, I never could get into Prime, becuase it’s a first person shooter, and those don’t really draw me in. However I absolutely loved playing Fusion and Zero MIssion (except for the end bit. That sucked.) Metroid: Other M will probably be the game that causes me to buy a Wii 😀

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