Midweek Mashup: Samus Aran Versus Rockman

10 06 2009

Ok, welcome to the Midweek Mashup stadium! Here, I will pit two titans against one another, and YOU, my readers, will decide the victor through vote and explanation!

Basically, I will post the arena, the conditions, and the scenario. You will then post a comment about who beats who, and WHY. Just voting is good, but explaination can overcome vote count in my arena! Be inventive, and you may still see the character with fewer votes come out on top! It’s up to YOU!

This week, on the Midweek Mashup, we see two video game legends…

Pictured: Red versus Blue, for all you Halo players... no, neither one of them are Master Chief.

Pictured: Red versus Blue, for all you Halo players... no, neither one of them are Master Chief.

Setting: At the collapsed ruins of Dr. Wily’s Skull Castle, Rockman receives a message from Dr. Light…

“Rock! I’ve analyzed the data from Wily’s ship. It appears he was planning a trip to a remote planet to mine a new energy form called Phazon. I’ve scanned the system and it turns out there are several ships already there! I’m teleporting you to the coordinates now. Good luck!”

A few trillion miles later, instantaneously thanks to the Super Deus Ex Machina brand Teleportation Unit, Rock stands on the surface of an unfamiliar planet, when he spots a robotic unit armed with a similar arm cannon…

Meanwhile, Samus Aran has finished her job on Phaaze and has just landed on SR388. She checks her visor for life forms and had just begun heading for a doorway to the interior of the planet when she noted an incoming robot traveling at impossible speeds. She turns and readies her weapon, training her sights on the predicted point of impact, and braced herself for a shock wave that never came.

Samus was taken aback when suddenly, before her stood a small blue robot, not to be fooled by his humanoid face because of her scanning visor.

She kept her Beam Cannon locked on the target, who turned, noticing her, and raised his weapon, which began to hum ominously. Samus also began charging her weapon.

Oh, if only they had been able to understand one another. Rockman would have heard Samus yell ‘Are you a Space Pirate!?’ Samus, on the other hand, would have heard, ‘Are you with Wily?!’ Instead, they both heard otherworldly gibberish, thanks to the Deus Ex Machina brand Conversation Scrambling Device, and as such, their battle begins…


Rockman has everything from Megaman 3 and prior, thanks to the Deus Ex Machina brand Weapons Recovery Drive.

The WRD has also re-armed Samus, giving her everything from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and before.

Well? Who wins, and why? TELL ME!




4 responses

10 06 2009

Wow, what an impressive showdown we have here. The Blue Robot Wonder vs the (mostly) Silent Galactic Head Huntress. Let’s break this down:

Turf – Even
At this point in the Metroid timeline, Samus is making her first foray into the depths of SR-388. She may have a basic rundown of the planet’s surface downloaded to her suit via the Federation, but this battle is likely to end up anywhere. Unless her suit has access Chozo archives (the manga reveals that the Chozo were active on SR-388 while they were raising Samus on their homeworld), she’s just as lost as Rock most definitely is.

Weapons – Samus
Thanks to the wonders of the Deus Ex Machina device Rock is bollin hard. His arsenal of elemental weaponry is sure to give Samus problems. The problem Rock has here is simple: his ammo is limited and he ain’t fighting robots that conveniently drop rounds when they blow up.

Samus, on the other hand, is out gunning Rock thanks to the DEMD. Equipped with every weapon upgrade she’s encountered up to this point means she has the power of light and darkness, electricity, plasma, ice, and various degrees of concussive force at her disposal. Rock may have the tech to counter, but her can only do for so long before the shear overwhelming power Samus’s arm is packing finally takes its toll. With advanced multilevel targeting systems, Rock’s going to find it hard to stay mobile and unscaithed, while Samus will be able to keep her distance with confuse poor Rock with tech like the Speed Boost, Space Jump, Morph Ball, and Screw Attack. Oh, and Rock’s shield weaponry? Samus can just rip that mess away with her Grapple Beam.

Defense – Samus
Let’s face it, Rock takes damage. Those spikes and crazy jumps do a number on a robot’s plating. He’s fast and precise, but Samus can be faster and more accurate, even without her suit (she’s part Chozo afterall). Add to that the hefty defenses her suit has been upgraded with via the DEMD: Varia (heat), Gravity (speed), Dark/Light, Phazon, PED (phazon reserves). Basically, Samus can withstand just about anything Rock could possibly throw at her. He PED suit will allow her to use Hyper Beam in conjunction with the Phazon suit upgrade: instant KO for Rock, assuming there’s anything left of him if it connects.

Mobility – Samus
Speed Boost, Space Jump, Morph Ball, Screw Attack, and Grapple Beam. Rush wouldn’t be able to keep up…

Overall Power – Samus
Without her suit, Samus is a bio enhanced super soldier, basically. Increased strength, speed, agility… Not inhuman, but not excessively superhuman. In the suit, Samus is a wrecking ball when she wants to be. Her being a lady often leads to more finesse work as she tends to lose herself when she goes all-out (see manga/Dark Samus is an manifestation of her dark nature). Her weapon payload is good for one thing: blowing stuff up. Her Gunship is one of the fastest in the Federation and packs as much punch as her arm cannon.

Rock really isn’t much without defeating a few Robot Masters first. And he must defeat the Master to get the upgrade, so he won’t be stealing much tech from Samus.

I think its clear who the winner is here: Samus, no question.

Rock will certainly put up a fight, and it will be one hell of a brawl, assuming Metroids don’t interfere – in which case, this match would technically end in a draw as the two will likely team up to, well, survive. Rock’s own Beam weapons will keep Samus at bay for a time, forcing her to stay back and on the move. Ultimately, her suit will find the opening she needs (if she doesn’t figure it out for herself witch is just as likely), and she pick Mega Man apart.


10 06 2009

I agree with zasalamel. If Samus was from Metroid 1 it might be a more even fight, but as it stands with all her Prime gear Samus will just rip Megaman a new one. Honestly it won’t even be a competition. She’s faster, stronger, toughter, and more heavily armed in every way. Megaman is so much butter compared to her right now, even with E-tanks and his weapons.

10 06 2009

Rockman would win… and here’s why.

Think of all of the powers he’s obtained over the years, compared to what Samus has.

Yeah, at this point, Rockman has enough abilities in his mega buster to be able to handle anything and everything Samus throws at him.

If you guys wanna consider all of that mobility and what not into it, have at it… but I mean, damn. Rockman can stop time. He can hurl saw blades, snakes, bubbles, fire, and chuck crash bombs.

That bitch doesn’t stand a chance. XD

11 06 2009

Stop time?

Samus breaks time with her Speed Boost, similar to the clock-up system in Kamen Rider Kabuto. And honestly, she doesn’t really have to run that far to gain the speed necessary to Boost, and in Morph Ball mode, that boost can be on command.

Blades, snakes, bubbles, fire, oil…?

How many times has Samus been beaten to a near bloody pulp at Ridley’s hands, and still manage to blast his ass into next week? If her Chozo armor can withstand Ridely’s talons and a Metroid’s fangs, Rock’s blades and snakes aren’t gonna do too much of anything. Bubbles won’t work as her suit is calibrated for various gravity and environmental extremes, as well as sudden changes to those extremes. The Varia Suit was designed to handle extremely high temperatures. And oil? Plasma Beam.

Crash bombs, however, may well be Rock’s trump card. But even still, he must use his weapons one at a time, more or less, cycling through them, while Samus’s arms cycling is near instantaneous – no, simultaneous (she’s armed with tech from Metroid/Zero Mission, in which beam weapon/missile characteristics are stacked).

Sorry, but Rockman and Rush just can’t win this fight without being able to match Samus’s defenses. They are both too vulnerable. I would also imagine that Rock may potentially have trouble keeping his systems in order, as Samus’s Wave and Charge Beams have traditionally caused electronic interference and EMP like effects that alone are enough to cause robots to short and malfunction.

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