Tunes of Tuesday: The Ballad of Barry Allen

10 06 2009

A guy I know was playing this in his car about a year ago, and it still gets stuck in my head.

Going too fast for you? Sorry. This here is my new segment for Tuesday: Tunes of Tuesday. Basically, I wanna hit the beginning of your week with what to watch with Movie Monday.

Next day, give you some tunes to rock during the week.

Then, Wednesday, we’ll have Midweek Mashup. Tune in, it’ll give you something to ponder.

Thursday, we’ll have the Thursday Top 5 so you can start your brain back up for the upcoming weekend.

Lastly, we have the Glitch of the Week on Friday, so that you can rush out and break some video games as the weekend arrives.

All with random articles when I feel like it as well as the pic of the day.

So, today’s Tuesday, so BAM, I present ‘The Ballad of Barry Allen’ by Jim’s Big Ego.

Kudos to TylerBickle for the video, Jim’s Big Ego for the song, and Niko for the first listen.

Hope that track rocks the work week and keeps time moving for ya.

Until tomorrow, I’m gunna stare at the clock until the next second passes… hmm… guess I’ll be here a while…  -GG




3 responses

10 06 2009

Makes me so sad…

10 06 2009

Also its not seems so slow its “The Ballad of Barry Allen”

10 06 2009

Thanks, lol. I accidentally put the name of the video, not the song. Woops.

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