Midweek Mashup: Champion of the Week

13 06 2009

Rockman let fly with his mega buster, to which Samus retaliated with a wide blast of Plasma energy. The two shots collided and exploded into a shower of sparks, and so the fight began.

For a while, it was an interchange of energy, Samus dodging past Metal blades and firing Missiles, Rock ducking beneath Volt Driver shots and launching Rolling Cutters.

Finally, Rock was getting low on health, and Samus had lost about half, thanks to her ridiculous amount of Energy Tanks. Samus then decided to make a mad dash for her ship. Inside, she could repair her armor and use her ship to finish this fight. In a few short steps, she began to glow and hum, beginning her boost dash.

Rock, however, put two and two together and without hesitation activated his Time Stopper. The air glittered as he rushed forward, past the still and silent warrior, drinking an E Tank as he went and placing the empty canister beneath Samus’ feet.

He then readied his shot and the second his Flash Stopper ran out of energy, Rock switched to his Crash Bombs and fired on Samus’ ship.

Samus, who had been in the process of charging her dash, suddenly saw the blue robot seemingly teleported in front of her, and didn’t notice the titanium canister beneath her running feet. She slid on the rolling can, and fell, morphing into her morph ball form as she went.

The Crash Bomb connected, metal claws digging into the hull, and a second later, as Samus rolled towards her enemy, the crash bomb exploded, knocking the ship offline!

Samus was infuriated, and as Rockman looked around, wondering where his foe had gone, he saw only a large ball rolling his way. He fired shots into it, to no avail, and it rolled past, leaving three small glowing items behind.

The Morph Ball Bombs detonated, injuring Rockman, who switched to his Atomic Fire just as a transmission came through. It was Dr. Light! “Rock, I’ve sent Rush to help you! You’ve taken on advanced robots before, you can do this!” Rush soon landed, barking at the ball. Samus regained her normal form and eyed the robotic dog quizzically.

Rock activated Rush Jet, and hopped on the dog’s back. From here, Rock launched a full-out aerial strike on Samus, who retaliated with every bean in her arsenal. Rockman had the edge, and continued his onslaught, pushing Samus back with every blast of Atomic Fire, Metal Blade, and Charge Shot. He even began dropping Bubble Lead on her, which began messing with her visor and targeting system.*

Samus had had enough. Again, she ran forward dodging the robot’s attacks, and began to glow and hum. Rockman continued to fire, but to no avail. Her speed boost had been activated. She ran at time-obliterating speed, stopping just beneath Rush Jet. Then, she jumped. The super-fast jump propelled her up, up, and further still. She collided with Rush jet, breaking him clean in two, and sending Rock hurtling toward the ground.

As Samus landed, she saw Rock discarding another empty E Tank. Rock readied his weapon, blind with anger. Samus rushed forward, activating her speed boost again. However, rock was ready, using Time Man’s Time Slow.

He thought it would give him the edge, but he was wrong.

Samus rushed forward at inconceivable speed, and Rock could barely even process it as Samus Boost Dashed clean through the small blue bot.

Damaged heavily, Megaman turned to face his opponent, finding himself facing a devastating weapon’s barrel… Samus looked down and silently let fly with her Nova Beam.

As the showering sparks subsided, only one warrior was left standing…

Pictured: A 62 walking arsenal or destruction.

Pictured: A 6'2 walking arsenal or destruction.

Samus Aran is Glitchy Goblin’s FIRST Champion of the Week!

Post in the comments who you’d like to see fight next week! I’ll use the one I like best!




2 responses

15 06 2009

My boy the blue bomber fought the good fight, but at the end of the day he’s no match for the Sci-fi Amazonian Goddess that is Samus Aran. Good fight 😀

15 06 2009

Did you like the fight, W0lf?

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