For you Shonen Jump Fans Without an Ipod…

13 06 2009

I came across these few videos while browsing the internet tonight, and couldn’t wait to share with you guys. It’s a collection of four great Ipod videos I found on youtube. Kudos to AlexanderTheEmperor, 2CHUMI and chissaiojisan in advance.

First up: for the three of you who know about this series, this video made the Ipod look so appetizing I WRYYY’d. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is first.

Muda da. That rocked my ZA WARUDO. Next? We got a two pack of the ladies of One Piece. First up is Nico Robin.

Very cool use of some amazing clips of a great character. Next up is the navigator, Nami. Incidentaly, I wonder what’s ON their Ipods?

That does indeed sound like a song Nami would listen to… if the band paid her. Again, great work. Last but not least is Gintama. I love this one.

Maybe I just haven’t seen enough of that crazy show. Maybe I’ll run read that manga now…

Either way, go load up some music to your Ipod and read some Shonen Jump. If you don’t, I’ll find you. Or at least try. Ok, I won’t try, but I’ll think about it. No I won’t. Do it. And until then, GG.




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