Glitch of the Week: Half-Life 2

20 06 2009

Whew. I had one heck of a crappy day yesterday, readers. That, combined with some errors that were going on with wordpress (mainly with their auto-created Polldaddy accounts) meant that I couldn’t even get to my poll to give you guys a heads up on the Midweek Mashup.

That being said, sorry if you guys felt left out. Please keep visiting the site daily.

That being said, this week’s Glitch of the Week is Half-Life 2.

Pictured: One of the worlds greatest nerds.

Pictured: One of the world's greatest nerds.

For those of you that care, I’ll do HL1 with the ‘Episode’ games later.

Well, we’re gunna start with HL2, since I think my original Half-Life glitch is more entertaining.

For the none of you who don’t know, and for the hope that Valve will send me money, Half-Life is a FPS about scientist Gordon Freeman who, after an experiment gone wrong, is left in the middle of an alien war on humanity, and only he can save the world.

It’s amazing. buy it.

Now, I’ve got four glitches to report in HL2. Spoilers in green.

1. During the boss fight with the helicopter, I had fought hard and totally wrecked that guy’s day. The helicopter was going down, and I was backing away from the descending wreckage… which was coming right for me.

I thought I was making good distance, that I’d be fine, but then it crashed… right on top of me. I died. I was a little more than dissapointed.

2. Near the end of the game, inside the citadel, there’s a long level where you ride a prisoner transport for a bit. Remember it? It isn’t important.

In this level, you have to run along, uniterupted by guards and such, and eventually, you reach a railing you you need to jump. Just a simple jump. Easy as pie.

Nope. I press the spacebar, and nothing. Not so much as a skip. I reset the control. No change. Re-assigned the button? No dice. Had to play the level again after restarting the game.

Now for the big ones.

3. Partway through the game, Gordon and Alyx Vance arte fighting the combine underground, and Gordon is expected to protect her at all costs. The level loads, I’m ready to protect her.

But not protect BOTH of her.

There were two ‘Alyx Vance’s following me around. One ended up getting gunned down, so I lost the level, much to my dismay. But it was so worth it for the story. ^_^

Dangermuffin had the same glitch in a different area.

4. Lastly, I like to do nonsensical things in video games. Like, say, dragging turrets through levels so I can use them as free ammo and make my life easier.

I did this up to the rescue of Eli Vance where I positioned the turrets at the back of the room and defended them, letting them cover me. This was all well and good, until the part where Alyx uses the prisoner transport system to bring Eli down.

The turret, which only targets enemies and won’t fire on Alyx or friendly NPC’s, shot him in the face, causing him to fall through his restraints and lay dead on the floor.

The characters simply stood there, staring at Gordon. I ran around, confused, and the story couldn’t progress as he was supposed to speak and further the story.

Mwmalecky found this bug too, luckily. He also assuced the turrets of racism… which isn’t that far of a stretch here, actually.

I reloaded the game, just to hear the BE-BE-BEEP of the turret charging up and killing him again. I reloaded AGAIN, heard the BE-BE-BEEP again, spun and shotguned the turret like crazy. Lucky for me, it didn’t have time to murder him that time.

Dang. Crazy glitches, huh?

I still love that game.

I’ll post the finale of the Midweek Mashup later, along with the pic of the day. Thanks for understanding.

Until next time, Goblinites, avoid racist turrets. -GG




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