Midweek Mashup: The Prince VS Altair!

24 06 2009

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday, and you know what THAT means!

It’s the Midweek Mashup!

This week we have two platforming video game giants…

Pictured: Two very interesting characters who were needlessly replaced.

Pictured: Two very interesting characters who were needlessly replaced.

So, first, some history on our newest contenders. Both contain MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SPOILERS!!!

The Prince:

The Prince is the nameless son of the ruler of Persia, conquering in the name of India, when they came against an impressive force in Azad. The Prince is convinced to steal away in the night and take a treasure called the Dagger of Time and subsequently unleashes the Sands of Time upon both kingdoms.

However, he fights alongside Farah, princess of the rival kingdom and eventually they defeated the Vizier, resealing the Sands and undoing time. Then, instead, the Prince snuck into the palace the morning after and prevented the Vizier’s rise to power. However, Farah no longer knew who he was, her memory undone by the Sands of Time.

He recounted the tale to her, but she refused to believe the Prince.

The prince later sought to undo the Sands entirely (after mysteriously re-acquiring the dagger somehow, it’s never told how) because he was being chased by a being called the Dahaka, which cannot cross pure water.

So, this battle will take place at the beginning of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.


Altair is a trained assassin with a wide array of weapons at his disposal. On a mission from the Assassin’s guild, he fights and kills many, many people without ever being seen, and eventually comes to seek The Chalice.

He soon finds, however, that the Chalice is, in fact, a woman named Adha. Adha is kidnapped by the Templars, and he swears to find her someday.

After returning home, he finds himself blinded by anger and eventually is stripped of his rank and weapons for his insolence. Over a series of assassinations, he regains weapons and skills, eventually reclaiming his former glory and discovering his master isn’t what he seemed.

This is where our fight takes place, before he fights his master at the Assassin’s Guild for the Piece of Eden.

He would go on to find his master abusing artifacts left by Those Who Have Gone Before and seek to reclaim items of technological power in order to end their war with the Templars. However, we know he doesn’t exactly succeed, because his descendant, Desmond, is another in a long line of assassins being harassed by Templars.

It is actually Desmond controlling Altair, so Altair can be damaged far more than a normal person, so long as Desmond lives by the assassin’s cr- I mean- CODE, and keeps Altair in one piece. (King of the Pirates.)

Even Ground

Both are wondrous with a blade, and while The Prince wields two, Altair is better trained.

The Prince can reverse time, slow time, or increase time up to five times. (You’ll see, he only has five sand tanks right here.)

Altair can take an increased amount of damage, being controlled by his descendant.

Altair can throw a few knives, The Prince can throw his swords.

Also, Altair has a faster short sword that excels in parrying and hidden dagger for a sneak attack.

Oh, the prince can swim, Altair can’t. It’ll come into play, probably.

Setting: Gl’chi Gobla, a Desert Oasis

While fleeing the Dahaka, the Prince came across a desert town, surrounded by rivers. He realized he could sleep for a few days here, as the drawbridges had been raised from all the exits.

However, just as the drawbridges were being raised, a man in a flowing white garb lept onto the raising bridge, clinging to the bridge until it had risen completely. Altair looked over his shoulder, realizing there was no going back now, as the river was too wide. He then snuck into the town, intent to find the Technology that would give him the edge against his master and the strange, sand-like monsters that had pursued him through the desert.

The bridges had been raised in fear of two threats: the sand monsters that roamed closer and closer to Gl’chi Gobla, and a band of ruthless rebel raiders known as the Gleechi Gobliinia, who were said to be coming that weekend. The people of Gl’chi Gobla hoped the two threats would wipe each other out.
The town is made of one and two story simple homes, and the entire town in less than a mile across in any direction, surrounded by rivers on all sides. It will be easy for the two to find one another, and I’ll tell you why.

The Deus Ex Machine brand Meddling Informant Robot Generator (or MIRG) has sent two bots to misinform our little contenders. They have informed Altair that the Prince’s Dagger of Time is, in fact, an artifact made by Those Who Have Gone Before, ripe for the taking. The Prince, on the other hand, has been informed that this Assassin seeks to take the dagger for the Vizier and the destruction of his homeland. Also, do the Deus Ex Machina brand Bayformers Devastator Knockoff eating a lot of the sand outside the village, The Prince only has five sand tanks filled.

Ah, and Desmond? They aren’t even giving him a bathroom break until this is finished, they want to know about the Time Dagger, thanks to the Deus Ex Machina brand Badguy Manipulation Engine and the Deus Ex Machina brand Excrement Teleportation Drive.

Well? What do you guys think? Who wins this inevitable showdown and why? POST IN THE COMMENTS FOR AN EXTRA VOTE!!!

I’ll hit you guys tomorrow with an update on the fight, assuming The Polldaddy brand Failure Virus doesn’t contaminate the Deus Ex Machina brand Danger Cams again. -GG




2 responses

25 06 2009

First off, If Desmond is in control of Altair, The Prince isn’t fighting Altair, but Desmond. The Animus allows the user to relive memories, but any faltering or deviation from the actual memory/historical event (Altair getting hurt, being discovered, or getting killed) is the result of Desmond losing focus and is no fault of Altair. Therefore, I propose Desmond be removed from consideration. If Altair is fighting this fight, Desmond is technically a bystander and his involvement could lead to far more possible outcomes than even repeated time rewinds on the part of The Prince, who arguably creates new timelines everytime he uses the Sands. Desmond can just remember the event differently. “Fictionalize” if I can use the term here. Not fair for either side.

Now, on to my prediction…

Both combatants are pretty even physically. Altair may have a one up in overall strength due to his penchant for climbing real tall buildings, but I would be surprised if the two could easily pace each other over rooftops and whatnot.

Combat skills go to Altair. He’s a ninja essentially. He has been trained to use any and everything as a weapon. He’s observant, and patient. He isn’t afraid to kill or be killed. He can kill both from afar and up close. The Prince begins his journey a little green and spends much of his time slaying demons. Altair fights his own demons. Wisdom verses passion…

Unfortunately, Prince has supernatural powers backing him up. The Sands don’t really need to be a big issue here as he can already go toe to toe with Altair, regardless of the fact that he isn’t nearly as well trained or armed. Having the Sands is really all he needs to win this. Assuming he’s fighting Altair and not an astral projection of Desmond, he can simply undo Altair’s actions or speed up/slow time to his benefit. He may not need more than 5 Sand reserves, or any of his other special gear.

If he keeps Altair at a comfortable distance, the hidden blade just won’t be enough to best the Prince in my opinion.

27 06 2009

Well, that’s why I gave Altair the increased health, thanks to the Animus and Desmond. I figure, with Altair and Desmond’s power combo and Altair’s superior fighting skills, he stands about equal to The Prince, who still has very little health, once he’s out of sand.

That being said, thanks to circumstances beyond my control, I’m not altering this one.

BTW, only reason I said it was Altair doing the fighting is because almost no one cares about Desmond. Just didn’t want to exclude anyone from actual cannon. Besides, without the additional Animus health, The Prince would just destroy him.

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