News! Listen up, Goblinites!

1 07 2009

Hey all, GG here.

I haven’t done any posts this week, Why, you ask?

A few reasons. My girlfriend is sick and needed to move to a new apartment, busy there. Also, I need a job, so busy there, too.


We’re moving to a new site.

Yup, you read correctly. (I hope.)

So, regular posts will resume next Monday with Movie Monday on the new site.

So, I look forward to seeing you guys and the brand new and improved Glitchy Goblin website at

Click here to navigate to the new (and soon to be improved) Glitchy Goblin.

Until Monday, Goblinites. -GG


BREAKING NEWS: Metal Gear Solid Movie Poster

16 06 2009

Alright, I may suck at sneaking games, but I’ve tried my hand at every Metal Gear game I’ve come across.

They’re hard, and they kill my soul.

Now, most have already seen this pic I’m about to post… the one about Sony having a MGS Movie Poster on their wall.

Pictured: A potentially great movies poster.

Pictured: A potentially great movie's poster.

Now, supposedly, this beauty is hanging on a Sony Pictures wall in Culver City, California.

A normal blog would stop there. I’ve enhanced the image, cause I love ya.

Pictured: Same poster, but MUCH clearer.

Pictured: Same poster, but MUCH clearer.

Now, if this is true, it’s a movie where Christian Bale will be bloody distracted by genome soldiers as he fills the shoes of Solid Snake. Daniel Craig would also be playing Solid’s brother, Liquid, and the whole ordeal would be directed by Hideo Kojima himself and would be released in July of 2011.

As a HUGE fan of the storyline of these games (I’ve watched friends beat every single one on a major console, cause I suck) I would see this movie even if it was as bad as Dragonball Evolution. What about you guys?

Thanks to Substandard for the huge tip.

Breaking News: Liam Neeson Insanity

16 06 2009

So, while looking up pics to use in the photoshop image for my Taken review, I found some interesting info, and I pass it on to you, the reader.

Yknow, cause I care.

Pictured: Guess who Liam Neeson is playing next? Read on.

Pictured: Guess who Liam Neeson is playing next? Read on.

Liam Neeson has quite a few movies on the table right now, but two caught my eye and made my eyebrow arch, yknow, in surprise and awe, as well as shock and horror.

1. Clash of the Titans is getting remade, and Liam Neeson is playing Zeus.

Can’t fathom it? Think I’m lying? Both? Go check IMDB and see if I’m not right. Forget it, I’ll give you a link. Here you go.

Crazy, huh? Wait for the second one.

2. There’s an A-Team movie coming out next year, and Liam Neeson is playing Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith.

In addition, it’s rumored that Rap artist Common is playing B.A. Baracus.

Also, apparently now they’re Veterans of the IRAQ War, so expect the entire movie to be warped into modernism. Sad but true, internet. Sad but true.

Ridiculous, I know. Lies? You wish.

As a side note about Common, he’s also playing Green Lantern in the upcoming / never coming Justice League movie. Adam Brody as Flash, if you haven’t heard. Insane. I’m going to bed now. Here ya go.

Until the next insane movie news reaches my ears or screen, or I wake up for Tunes of Tuesday -GG

No new posts?

8 06 2009

Yeah, job difficulties will do that to you.


Beginning tomorrow I will resume regular posting, begining with a (late) movie monday and glitch of the week, as well as a slew of pics of the day, to make up for lost time. Also, it might become ‘pics of the week’ to keep it easy on my lazy self.

Right now, I plan to do a Movie Monday, Tuesday Top 5, Midweek Mashup (I post two characters, you tell me how they fight, I pick a winner!), Thursday gets the pics of the week, and then Friday will resume the glitch of the week.

Maybe more, if interest is shown.

Anyway, see you tomorrow for the Tuesday Top 5 (as well as three lazy as heck late posts)

Welcome to Glitchy Goblin!

9 05 2009

I started Glitchy Goblin in order to document my opinions on various things, from my favorite anime and tokusatsu, to the best ska music, to the rediculous glitches I encounter in every video game I play.

Be sure to check back daily. It may be a little sketchy at first, but it’ll pick up the pace soon, just you watch and see!

Until next time. -GG