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25 05 2009
Matthew Paige

Tanner, I love the site. Keep up the good work. If at all possible go into Metal Gear and/or Resident Evil franchises.
Better than that go into Watchmen and the movie/graphic novel with comparisons and contrasting views.
Just thoughts, how is the Shadowrun campaign going?
You always had great ideas.


7 06 2009
Jarrod Bartola (Haley's BF)

I love the content!! Keep up the good work. If you need any help with the website coding just email me.

8 06 2009

Sure thing! in fact, it would be awesome. I know NOTHING about coding and would love a more professional website design. I can’t offer money right now, unfortunately, but you’ll get the credit, and I guess that could help a resume?

11 06 2009
Haley V

Tanner, this site is awesome! I’ve really enjoyed reading it! You’re under my geek news tab!

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