News! Listen up, Goblinites!

1 07 2009

Hey all, GG here.

I haven’t done any posts this week, Why, you ask?

A few reasons. My girlfriend is sick and needed to move to a new apartment, busy there. Also, I need a job, so busy there, too.


We’re moving to a new site.

Yup, you read correctly. (I hope.)

So, regular posts will resume next Monday with Movie Monday on the new site.

So, I look forward to seeing you guys and the brand new and improved Glitchy Goblin website at

Click here to navigate to the new (and soon to be improved) Glitchy Goblin.

Until Monday, Goblinites. -GG


No new posts?

8 06 2009

Yeah, job difficulties will do that to you.


Beginning tomorrow I will resume regular posting, begining with a (late) movie monday and glitch of the week, as well as a slew of pics of the day, to make up for lost time. Also, it might become ‘pics of the week’ to keep it easy on my lazy self.

Right now, I plan to do a Movie Monday, Tuesday Top 5, Midweek Mashup (I post two characters, you tell me how they fight, I pick a winner!), Thursday gets the pics of the week, and then Friday will resume the glitch of the week.

Maybe more, if interest is shown.

Anyway, see you tomorrow for the Tuesday Top 5 (as well as three lazy as heck late posts)